Cancellation Policy


What is the cancellation policy?

IF YOU ARE A STUDENT/PARTICIPANT WISHING TO CANCEL: To withdraw from a course, you must call the Community School of the Arts office at least TWO WEEKS in advance of the first day of class. Any cancellation of a course, once the course has begun, is subject to a 50%  non-refundable, cancellation fee. If more than 3 sessions of the course have occurred, no refund will be issued.

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal and no deduction will be made for temporary absence from a class or lesson.

If you are canceling a course for which you have paid and a refund is allowable, a check made payable to the person who paid for the course will be mailed to that person’s home despite the method of original payment. Indiana State University cannot credit back payments to a credit card.

IF COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS CANCELS A CLASS: Community School of the Arts reserves the right to cancel any class for insufficient registrations. If ISU cancels a course or event, you will be notified via email or phone at least ONE WEEK in advance and issued a full refund by check through the mail. If you have any questions about cancellations or refunds please feel free to contact the Community School of the Arts office at 812-237-2528 or email at:

*Please include your full name and address, registration details for the course you want to cancel (i.e. class name, and dates) and a day time phone number where we can contact you.